The Adventure Begins

Our beta testers are a key componant to the development of this project — we appreciate you.

Why do you want to contribute?

We're looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to implement, test-drive and critique the first unit produced for the UDO. To refresh your memory, we are beta testing the 2-Tier, Tree Frog Lodge™ with the window bracket (a component of the UDO); but if you have made it to this page you probably know plenty about the UDO.

As a beta tester you will receive one of a limited run of 1,000 units, along with instructions and access to a community of naturists who are testing the same invention all across the U.S.A.

Interested people who want more information, or wish to reserve a beta unit to test, please fill out the form below (phone optional). And use the comment section to state "I'm a Beta tester" or any other information or question you may want to provide. We do respond quickly.

0 out of 1,000 units have been reserved

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