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The essence of our project

We are a group who belive that nature restoration begins with the individual, offering people a chance to reclaim their invronment.

We exist to encourage a harmonious relationship between people and the nature around them.

We aim to produce high quality products that establish a real time nature experience thru modern technology, we call Nature Telepresence


Many of us believe that our society has lost contact with the environment, so much so that there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it. What do we hand off to our children? Will this world be a better place than when we arrived?

The UDO is an actual oasis, suitable for urban, suburban and rural environments, providing around-the-clock hydration to thirsty travelers just-passing-through. But that's not all, the UDO can also meet the unique needs of fauna that continue to struggle to survive, because it can be modified to meet the specific feeding and breeding habits of a wide variety of creatures like Frogs, turtles, lizards, butterflies, birds, bats - you name it.

The UDO is an entirerly new concept, where you'll be able to interact with nature in ways never dreamed of before. You can create a micro-climate, access and display video of nature scenes to share in real-time or record for later. By broadcasting their breeding sounds you will be able to attract native wildlife and then grow and passivly attract a food source, pump harvested rainwater and thwart predators all thru the ease of a smartphone app that puts you in the driver's seat.

"When you can't be outdoors... see outdoors.©"

Positioning Statement

• The UDO is for the environmentalist: parents/businesspeople/educators or scientists who want to educate their children/clients/students or peers on how ecosystems function.

• The UDO is the first-ever decorative water fountain that rewild's outdoor habitats while providing a telepresent, interactive connection to native wildlife.

• Unlike artificial Koi ponds, vivariums and conventional decorative water fountains our product is modular, biomimetic and provides "smart habitat" for native wild creatures to live (unconfined) outside and/or (contained) inside our customers' homes, businesses, schools or laboratories.

• Nature soothes one's soul

Features and Advantages

• Food, water and a breeding area.
• A biomimetic core design strateg equating to low-maintenance and good health for inhabitants
• Off-grid operability to facilitate installation and utilization anywhere
• A smartphone command-control capability
• A modular structural configuration that allows for easy assembly and inclusion of modular components for customization
• A calming live video feed of Nature events
• A balanced ecosystem

If you are the kind of individual who is awe-inspired by a nature walk; if you want a more positive rewarding life, or if you want to educate yourself and family on the circle of life; you have found your tribe.

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