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Nature Deficit Disorder

Soon, you will change your world in ways you may have never imagined.

If you grew up in the country, or visited a National Forest, you may notice a huge difference when you return to your urban or suburban tract; it's devoid of amphibians, most likely, and other important members of the food chain.

Can you see yourself walking out on your deck or in a corner of your backyard to observe a school of tadpoles swimming in a pool of water? Your children are drawn to this miracle of life and can witness first hand the birth of polliwogs and then their maturing into frogs.

Weeks earlier you had stocked a tray in your UDO with native frog eggs, or perhaps there are a few frogs remaining in your neighborhood who were attracted to the perfect environment provided by your Nature Cabinet. The UDO is a source of food and water, a protection from the elements and predators and the perfect breeding ground; it was designed to mimic nature.

While you were asleep, the UDO was busy harvesting rainwater, purifying and channeling it through a gravity-fed system. Ultra-efficient lights attracted insects as a food source; naturally reducing the amount of bothersome mosquitoes and the like without harmful chemicals. You may have installed a low maintenance, feed-husbandry unit to provide an additional food source, such as worms.

"We're just hanging out with nature"

Your ability to create an ideal habitat for local, wild fauna is a radical departure from imprisoning exotic, non-native creatures indoors and behind glass. The nature cabinet's diffusible lights entice you to go outside at night and hang out with nature.

Aquarium History

Biomimetic Interactive Wetland

The UDO stands for Urban Desert Oasis. The urban desert is one we are all familair with. The manicured lawns with hybrid plants offer little incentive for wildlife. Harsh chemicals, like DDT, have driven off fauna to never return. Some people try to establish an oasis on their property with bird feeders, butterfly gardens and the like. The UDO is a smart habitat, designed to be the perfect oasis to attract, nourish and repopulate species which were once part of the spaces only humans now inhabit.

The UDO is unique from traditional fish tanks and animal enclosures, as it is easily modified in hundreds of ways. Off grid? Add solar panels or a windmill to provide the energy necessary to power the entire system. Want to attract salamanders? The Nature Cabinet can be customized to create a vast number of creature-specific habitats by arranging an assortment of customization-strips (magnetically snapped onto double-sided wall studs).

The biomimetic design (patterned after nature) frees the owner from many tedious maintenance chores. Sit back in your living room with the remote to watch the panorama of wildlife evolving outside. It's easy to screw in video cameras; program the lighting and sensors; attach playful toys and then access it all through a smartphone or any display screen.

This is the world's first interactive, smart habitat for an urban environment. You can start with a simple plant box or bird bath and nothing further needs to be purchased. From these small soil or water wells, expandability is unlimited. The outdoor UDO will be able to combine with an indoor cabinet, where inhabitants can move freely from indoors to out. The first indoor/outdoor viquarium.

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