Gary Schlemmer - Founder           Cyber Monday - 30 Nov 2020

Designed for the UDO™ by SymSyn™

A patent pending, Nature Cabinet #1, Double Wall-stud Customization-strip:

The 2-Tier  Tree Frog Lodge™
Now Offered to Beta Testers at $99 USD

        Hello all Tree Frog Fans. Today is a special day. It is a day when SymSyn offers for sale our initial piece of HabiTechTure©. Above please view a 150mm (6-inch) wide x 125mm (5-inch) tall customization-strip. The 2-Tier (2-T) Tree Frog Lodge (TFL) may be installed in a suction-cupped-to-window bracket; magnetically-connected back-to-back with another 2-T TFL and placed in a pole-cradle; or clicked on to a Nature Cabinet #1 double wall-stud. Modular expansion is SymSyn's stock-in-trade design feature. Note, this product will be eventually made from melted down, ocean-collected, plastic trash. Turning toxic waste into biomimetic, smartphone-interactive, habitat for native wildlife. Only 1000 2-Tier Tree Frog Lodges are currently up for sale to be beta-tested.
        We will PayPal the transaction when your (#0001 - #1000) 2-T TFL is ready to ship. Thank you.

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