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Reviving Urban Ecosystems

SymSyn’s TEAM members grok symbiosis and synergy. We are “HabiTechTure’s founding heartbeat.©” Biomimicry is our prime design strategy. We infuse our products with Roman aqueduct multi-century survivability, simplicity. Shibui is our intention. The Seven Mysteries of Life is our road map. Biospheric biophilia is the path we are paving forward, forevermore..

It is our loyal duty...To rewild every patch of compromised habitat back to equilibrium where both nature and mankind Thrive in harmony...©

For environmentalist: parents/businesspeople/educators or scientists who want to educate their children/clients/students or peers on how ecosystems function. The UDO is the first-ever decorative water fountain that rewild’s outdoor habitats while providing a telepresent, interactive connection to native wildlife. Unlike artificial Koi ponds, vivariums and conventional decorative water fountains our product is modular, transportable, biomimetic and provides “smart habitat” for native wild creatures to live (unconfined) outside and/or (contained) inside our customers’ homes, businesses, schools, or laboratories. Nature soothes one’s soul.

A Frog’s Ecological Purpose: Plight & Rebound

Frogs are known as an “indicator” species. If you hear frogs outside at night, it means you have a balanced ecosystem. It indicates you have a healthy source of pond water nearby. Amphibian life begins in fish-free vernal (ephemeral) pools. On average, it takes 10,000 tadpoles to create one breeding adult. The first 5,000 lost tadpoles are cannibalized by the more fit ones. And the next 4,999 provide chow for the local ecosystem. They are Frog Chow. They are also a child’s first catchable wild creature. Currently, one-third of the Earth’s amphibian species are threatened with extinction. And as it turns out, “Climate Change” is not the main culprit. Neither is it the recent outbreaks of chytrid funguses. It’s “Habitat Fragmentation”. You put in a new road, and you just cut off some creature’s path back to their home breeding pond. The ecosystem’s footprint has been dissected. SymSyn’s Urban Desert Oasis is an attempt to reverse habitat fragmentation by befriending the frog.