Welcoming SymSyn's Visionary Investors

At SymSyn, we don't just build innovative solutions; we're shaping the future of urban biodiversity. Our commitment to harmonizing the bustling urban landscape with the serenity of nature has garnered attention and support from a community of forward-thinking investors. This page is dedicated to those who believe in our vision and have chosen to embark on this transformative journey with us. Dive in to discover our milestones, future endeavors, and opportunities for you to make a lasting impact alongside SymSyn.


What's In It For me?

You will derive a positive sense of self by gifting to nature your: time, energy and capital (You helped save the World’s Frogs.)
Your children will witness your passion for leaving the world a better place (Mom and Dad sure are caring parents.)
Owning an UDO will reconnect you to your child’s sense of wonder and awe of Nature (There’s an App for that.)
Your friends and neighbors will be impressed by your colorful, nighttime water fountain (And so will your frogs.)
Your backyard mosquitoes, flies and other nuisance insects will be naturally eliminated by your inhabitant frogs.
Being a biomimetic product means, your time spent maintaining an UDO is minimal (Sit back and enjoy the live show.)
Being a smartphone-controlled, interactive “smart” product means you get to rule your backyard pond (Racoons be gone.)
If you would like to attract a new critter, you can easily swap-out customization-strips (Birds/Lizards/Butterflies/Snakes?)
Mating calls of any native species may be played over the UDO’s speakers to entice specific creatures to check out your space
Our 3rd Tier Ground floor Investment Stock stands a very good chance of paying you back $10K on a $1K share (10X ROI.)
The purchaser of SymSyn’s (10X) stock shall be registered to receive all SymSyn products at cost (Our gift to you.)

Why SymSyn?

My definition for HabiTechTure: Habitat Technology strucTure: an arrangement of outdoor and/or indoor, modular nature cabinets which are: easily transported/assembled/customized/maintained, rugged, weather-resistant, self-contained, Wi-Fi enabled, telepresent, smartphone interactive, defendable, and engineered to be frugally simplistic by channeling Nature provided life-sustaining resources throughout to create a biomimetic, ‘permanent’ vernal pool habitat-structure for native flora and fauna. ©” – U.S. Patent #11,246,298 – Modular Habitat System and Method – issued: Feb 15, 2022

A SymSyn® Nature Cabinet (UDO®) is engineered to withstand many centuries of weathering in the outdoors. Melted down, recycled plastic is transformed from unwanted, toxic-to-the-environment, hard to dispose of trash (ocean patch infamy) into beneficial habitat for both animal and mankind. Native flora and fauna get more space to thrive, and the overstressed urbanite gets a personal patch of meditational space to unwind in. Our biomimetically-engineered Nature Cabinets means they are mostly self-maintained (low chore time). A win, win, win scenario.

A SymSyn Nature Cabinet is of a timeless design. It is as simple as it gets. It is easily made, transported, setup, maintained, and viewed. It is the prime reason we will launch the UDO alongside a selected section of 2.3K old Roman Aqueduct Ingenuity. Those prescient engineers left an achievement to simply marvel at forever... SymSyn’s eight Nature Cabinets and Watertainment Units will abut, surround, or be set in the middle of any man-made or nature-made structure. Variable sized, interactive, outdoor/indoor cabinets of rugged perfection. SymSyn owns The Modular Habitat System and Method Utility Patent. We will be filing a long list of associated worldwide patents when I’m working with a known Environmentalist Venture Capitalist. The right funder(s) and launch team will show up. And then habitechture will flourish for centuries to come.

The Founder

I have devoted the past 27 + years of my life developing nine user-friendly Nature Cabinets. Every millimeter of cabinet space has been critically examined to deliver maximum efficiency and durability. Expandability and low maintenance are at the core of all things UDO. Smartphone interactivity and telepresence are figured into the placement of all internally hidden gadgets. When a new footprint-sized cabinet was being drawn, 95% of the design was already completed due to the premium-quality “standards” I have infused into each structural part. These thick, solid plastic structural parts will need to be 3D-printed. Injection molds won’t work. For all these reasons a SymSyn Nature Cabinet is designed to last. Our classic look and ease-of-use will withstand the test of time. It is my intention to have created family heirlooms that will benefit both the inheritor and nature for many years to come...